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The City is my Learning Space


Main idea: The city (village, neighborhood or urban area in general) offers countless opportunities for education. We want to explore how to facilitate this continuous learning process engaging the citizens in the non-formal and informal situations. There are plenty of spaces ready to be “influenced” by our learning purposes such as museums, cultural centers, open spaces, official buildings, libraries, etc. In this project we will discover different tools and methods used in non-formal adult education. We will also explore how to turn meeting places in to learning spaces. And we will also identify the best ICT tools to enhance adult education processes.

Main goals:

  • Comparing and getting to know other ways of using different locations as learning environments

  • Learning how to turn a “leisure place” into a “learning place”, how to transform the space to make it learning-friendly

  • Learning how to enhance Active Citizenship among learners and how to give it an European Dimension

  • Improve the quality of our activities by giving mobility opportunities to our learners and by establishing new partnerships for future projects

  • Discovering the different partner countries, their cultures and the social system (NGO’s, Political system, Educational system, etcetera


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