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Is a Swedish non-governmental organization and foundation specializing in European Union-funded projects supporting the funding of municipalities, technological, environmental-related projects, and sustainable, renewable projects as well as educational, social and intercultural dialogue, social inclusion, non-formal education training, and cultural exchange among young people and adults.  The organization is located in the south of Sweden and our aim is to focus on innovative research and development and contribute to the technical as well as social development of people and companies within the EU and neighboring countries.

Since 2012 we have been involved in many EU funded projects, both as leader as well as partner, covering a broad range of areas such as entrepreneurship, technological, educational, cultural, social and development projects such as Erasmus plus KA2 and KA1, Erasmus Youth, Grundtvig, Leonardo da Vinci etcetera.

We currently work on a number of large EU funded projects across Europe.


EU Funding Applications and Grant Writing


We also specialize in helping municipalities, companies, NGOs and research groups successfully apply for EU funding. Our staff works closely with your organization to identify EU funding opportunities, develop a project, find partners and write a winning application.

Raising EU funding is an extremely competitive process. While an outstanding project is an absolute must, the skills to sell your idea to the funders and knowledge of the EU policy context are equally important.

We offer high-quality, customized project application and implementation services to help clients seize new EU funding opportunities and turn innovative ideas into funded projects. This ranges from EU public grants and private investments identification, consortium recruitment, bid writing, selection of experts, negotiation with the granting authorities, budgeting, quality control, and implementation of projects.

You can reach us via e-mail with a short description of your organization, consortium, project, and preferred EU funding programme. and we will match you with the most appropriate expert from our network, who will contact you with further questions to assess your EU funding eligibility.

Freelance Grant Writers


We work with a network of organizations across Europe with experience in business development, public policy, research, grant writing, and project management. These skills are essential for preparing EU funding applications.

Our EU funding experts can work with clients anywhere in Europe. Many of them have worked as evaluators for EU programs, giving them insight into the process and knowledge of what is required to pass the scoring threshold and secure funding.

We have a sound track record of more than nine years in submitting EU funding applications on behalf of large and small-to-medium-size companies, research centers, NGOs, and local authorities. Our linguistic, geographic, and cultural proximity to the EU decision-makers can help you to navigate the EU funding sector.

The most typical services we offer include, among others:

  • Mapping of EU funding opportunities and private investors funding;

  • Application writing, either in full or related to some specific workpackages like project management, exploitation and dissemination or monitoring and evaluation;

  • Proofreading and assessment of eligibility of your proposal as the grant evaluator would do;

  • Introduction to relevant consortia and partners’ recruitment for EU funding applications;

  • Training and workshops designed to develop skills in turning your EU funding application into a successful one.

EU Funding Programs

Our contact organisations have experience across a range of EU funding programs. The most frequently requested programs include:

Horizon 2020

Startups and established companies with breakthrough ideas can benefit from Horizon 2020, the EU’s biggest research and innovation program. In particular, the SME Instrument provides two grants to help companies grow. In Phase 1, SMEs receive a €50,000 grant to undertake a six-month feasibility study into their product, market, customers, competitors and finances. In Phase 2, companies can apply for between €500,000 and €2.5 million to expand their business across Europe and globally.

The Horizon 2020 SME Instrument is now highly competitive, with very low success rate even for Phase 1. That’s why it is necessary for you to have external support to prepare, write and review your project. Our network has deep experience in the SME Instrument.

Creative Europe

Companies, NGOs and consortia working in the media, arts and cultural sector can obtain funding for their projects. We can help organizations  to receive grants from Creative Europe.


Eurostars is ideal for R&D-driven companies seeking to commercialize their innovations together with a consortium of other companies across multiple countries, including several non-EU countries. The average project budget is €1.4 million, but consortia can apply for more or less funding.

This program is less well known than others and has a higher success rate. 


Erasmus+ is the EU funding program to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe. It’s typically suited for universities and learning institutions for networking activities and exchanging of best practices. This includes improvement of the professional skills of their staff, organisational capacity building, and creating transnational cooperative partnerships.

We have been working with educational institutions across Europe to develop successful funding applications under Erasmus+.

Further EU Funding Programs

While the above programs are the most requested, our network has experience with many other EU funding programs, including:













​Our network also have expertise with WORLD BANKIFCUNDP. EIB and EBRD tendering process. 

EU Public Grants and Tender Monitoring​

The EU selection of funded projects is very administrative and the requirements grow increasingly year after year. Our network is specialized in specific calls for proposals with a proven track record in drafting, managing, and assessing EU-funded projects. We can guide you through the entire project funding life cycle with customized advice and operational support to ultimately help you in being selected.

We constantly monitor EU funding opportunities and advise on how to draft applications and create partnerships. We regularly update a monthly directory of EU funding opportunities, which contains a snapshot of the main public grants and private investments, and send periodic detailed alerts to organizations, which are keen to find partners for joint project applications. We use special software to screen all EU funding opportunities and pieces of legislation relevant to your specific activities and systematically track any developments in funding regimes and rules. Via a dedicated portal, our clients can monitor and evaluate their application process and receive tailor-made alerts.​

We systematically and carefully review draft proposals from an evaluator’s perspective, in line with the official award and selection criteria. Our final goal is to provide you, prior to the submission, with clear and constructive expert opinions on the key impact and scientific-excellence criteria for selection.

If you are planning to submit a grant proposal, you will be competing with others that have been professionally prepared, so make sure yours is too.

Finally, we can connect project developers with potential investors either at the exploitation phase of a running project or prior the proposal submission, securing external co-financing​.We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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