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LET'S GUIDE! Skills for entrepreneurship and internationalization promotion among adult people

The promotion of entrepreneurship education among European citizens is one of the most important EU concerns. The level of education is very important for the employability and successful entrepreneurial initiative, which could revive the economic growth.

Let's guide! is an Erasmus + funded project, submitted in the Key Action 2: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices. Strategic Partnerships for adult education.

The Let’s Guide project wishes to inspire the entire community and increase opportunities for entrepreneurs at European and national level. Moreover, it will offer a place where adult people, freelancers and unemployed may meet with a practical, new approach training prepared by a group of professionals from education and training organizations from different European countries.

Objectives of Let's Guide!

  • to develop basic and transversal entrepreneurial skills, using innovative approaches,

  • to increase sense of initiative and entrepreneurship among adults,

  • to promote and enhance internationalization intention throughout entrepreneurs,

  • to develop European education and training area by strategic use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), open educational resources (OER) within training modules compendium available for a wide group of receptors,

  • to enhance employability and new business creation among European labour market,

  • to endorse distance online learning and create the proper ground for equal opportunities in education and training.

Target group of the Let's Guide project activities:

  • adult people (30 - 45 years) with a medium or long work experience,

  • potential entrepreneurs,

  • freelancers and,



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