Five European organisations partnered to create a game based tool for adults. An Erasmus plus KA204 financed project by the EU.

We focus on the development of an innovative non-formal game-based education simulation tool to enhance and improve communication and presentation skills with a focus on entrepreneurship for adults and through play and practice, teach them basic presentation and communication skills, the objective on finding employment or become an entrepreneur so they can be applied effectively in real life, in particular enhancing their self-confidence in presenting themselves thus increasing their chances of finding and maintaining suitable employment and abilities to communicate in an effective way.

It will be an interaction game that makes the social dimension the main element of one’s mechanism. In general games which are not competitive can be considered interaction games, where there are no adversaries to beat, but where the goal of the game is essentially merely fun and interaction among the participants. The main objective is to create a learning environment (game/simulation) which simulates the communication and presentation skills process and stimulates the development of entrepreneurial attitudes and competences of adults. As the main learning outcome of this game/simulation is situated in the field of attitudes, it permits the expansion of the primary target group (young people), aspiring entrepreneurs, to include training specific target groups; marginalised groups such as migrants and unemployed, are more likely to have self efficacy difficulties. Setting up a new partnership with this project will stimulate the exchange of local and international experiences, expertise and vice-versa.

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